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Low fertility can be devastating

I remember well my first patient who asked me to help her get pregnant: Sarah. I took her history. She had been trying for a couple of years, had a couple of medical problems and read on the internet that when it comes to fertility, acupuncture may help. I was dubious and told her so. "Please just try," she insisted. So I quickly purchased Jane Littleton's textbook Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine and did my best. Three months later she was pregnant and eventually had a little girl.

During pregnancy, acupuncture may help with nausea and vomiting

Often experienced during first trimester of pregnancy, most probably as a result of rising HCG levels, there are some acupoints on the front of the body that I have found especially useful. In Debra Bett’s book The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Child Birth, her suggestion of settling the chongmai vessel is particularly useful. After a thorough history of the patient acupoints for her constitution and the chongmai points seem to be of relief to some women. I have personally found the thicker and yellower the tongue coat the better the outcome but even with other presentations during pregnancy, acupuncture at our Auckland clinic can still be useful. If the patient is so dehydrated from vomiting she needs IV fluids, the procedure is not useful. The patient needs hydrating first. The best way to avoid morning sickness is to be balanced before pregnancy. I have noticed my patients who are having regular acupuncture before pregnancy have less symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Hot Flashes During Menopause

Feelings of heat for a lot of women come around the age 45-55 yrs. of age. It usually presents in clinic as a complicated picture of perspiration or feeling unusually hot at night and/or day, emotional lability, insomnia and other symptoms that in themselves aren't so bad but put together are horrendous. Each patient will have a different Chinese medicinal diagnosis but food and fluid education is also very important.

Patient Comment: After acupuncture I felt my body wasn't letting me down any more and my body temperature feels more even now. Sleep is so much better and my anxiety and tinnitus is better. The progesterone cream helped but acupuncture was the icing on the cake. – Helen Moore, Auckland

Acupuncture to Help with Implantation

When an embryo enters into the womb or uterus it must make a home for itself. It must burrow deep and put down what might be described as roots into the uterus. There is some supposition that the uterus and embryo talk to each other about this through chemical messages. If a woman has ovulated successfully or the transfer through IVF has taken place, then the next step is implantation. If a positive pregnancy does not occur than one possibility is that implantation did not happen. I When it comes to pregnancy, acupuncture is thought to be effective as it is good at moving blood around the body; as such, it may affect the uterus lining or encourage chemical talk between the two.

Patient Comment:
: I think the acupuncture improved my health so that it was easier to get pregnant. I am totally sure that I can pinpoint implantation to when I was on the acupuncture table! – Erin Currie, Christchurch

Fertility, Subfertility, Trying to get Pregnant

Chinese medicine has strived for over a thousand years to bring the human body back into balance and its strength in helping couples get pregnant through this concept is invaluable. The body wants to heal itself. Acupuncture and herbs are a gentle way to achieve this, but no less potent. In the beginning some patients notice their sleep is deeper, their digestion stronger, mood is elevated and immune system seems better. Many patients report they get less colds with regular acupuncture. If the woman takes her temperatures (basal body temperatures) it is not uncommon by the 3rd month to see an improvement indicating her hormones are normalizing and she has an improved chance of getting pregnant.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners believe that that their medicine can affect the quality of the eggs (ovum), the thickness of the endometrium (lining of the uterus) and support pregnancy (decreasing the chance of miscarriage). It is said in the “classics” the Chinese medical scripts, that “Jing” or reproductive essence, which encompasses the function of the ovaries, testes and some aspects of the pituitary gives access to this success.

While practitioners and their patients understand the strengths and weaknesses of acupuncture, herbs and tuina, science has tried to confirm outcomes professed. They have decided this through randomised controlled trials (RCT). One of these is Paulus W (2002), Dieterle S (2005). While there have been some successful outcomes favouring acupuncture, I personally think sample sizes have been too small to indicate the true strength of acupuncture and that the control, a fake acupuncture needle has many flaws. Better and different types of studies are being encouraged to show what acupuncture can and cannot do and hopefully funding and perspective will follow.

Where there is much desire to learn, there of necessity will be much arguing, much writing, many opinions. For the difference of opinion in good people is but knowledge in the making. - Milton

Self Help:
There are plenty of things you can do to improve your fertility. Some of these are:
· Regular meal times
· A variety of food groups
· 8 hours of quality sleep every night,
· regular exercise,
· healthy relationships with your loved ones are the obvious ones and cannot be negotiated. These are the bare minimum.
· Reducing coffee and alcohol. Fertility clinics have been advocating this for years.
· Give up smoking cigarettes, marijuana and other controlled substances.
· Avoid organic pollutants if possible. These are in our food and sprayed into out air like pesticides and insecticides.
· Avoid heavy metals. Avoid eating fish that eat other fish as these have higher levels of mercury. Replace amalgam fillings with something less toxic or at least don’t use amalgams in the future.
· Filter your water and pursue a smoke free environment around you.

Record your basal body temperature. Excellent indicator of what your body is doing in relation to fertility. If you find it hard to read, I am happy to interpret for you.


Cosmetic Acupuncture

For those of us who want to help the look of our facial skin without using drugs or invasive techniques, acupuncture can be of some use. The needles are finer and shorter than normal needles, otherwise it's much like regular acupuncture. The results are only as good as the person's health and vitality are (called qi). This is because we are asking the body to heal itself. To help with the process organic creams and serums are also used.

Whether you seek cosmetic benefit or have concerns over your pregnancy or fertility, acupuncture may be able to help. Call 09 629 2787 to find out more.




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